4 Apr

Have you ever stopped to look at where you are in life? Like really stopped and thought about all the roads that lead you to where you are today? The people you met, the places you have been, your experiences. I find myself at almost 40 years old, wishing I knew back then, what I know now.  But then I think, if I knew then what I know now, would I be the person I am today? Would I go through all the trials and errors of this life with such grace? Would I have the family I have now? If I had not gone down such a broken path, would I be able to give so much of myself to ensure others didn’t have to go through so much suffering? Today, I can say with confidence that I am so blessed to have the life that I had. Not because it was great but because it taught me to trust in not only God but myself. I have confidence that everything will always be alright because I have gone through the worst the world has to offer. You can find miracles in any situation if you only sit back and view life in a different way. I would never wish for my son to have cancer, or to be paralyzed from that cancer, but I can say because of that we were able to help so many people. God took an ugly situation and helped us realize that our suffering was not in vain. My family and I could have easily let cancer steal our joy, but together we refused to give up. As I write my book, these are the questions that I have asked myself. Although I wished for an easier life, I don’t think I would be the wife, mom, friend, and advocate I am today without all those experiences. I am excited for the next chapter in my life, and can’t wait for all my dreams to become reality.

What are your questions? What hope can you share through your broken path? Please leave me a note here or email, I am gathering data for my book and would love to hear how you were able to get through hard times.




When power meets potential

28 Mar

This morning on my walk I was listening to TD Jakes talk about Elijah and Elisha from the bible. He said, “when power meets potential there is a catastrophic explosion and they both will always recognize each other forever.” Throughout my life there have always been people who have seen something inside me that I never knew was there. The 3 that stand out the most and have spoken so much truth in my life who are no longer on earth. These people I think of daily and when something amazing happens I just want to tell them about it. When I was at my lowest they continued to remind me who I was and what I was able to do. My sister Misty, brother David and Brady Adams have all looked at me and told me I was different. I grieve the fact that it took me so long to understand what they saw, as I only focused on my short comings. As long as I was working to help others, I was bold but when it came to myself, I didn’t believe that I ever deserved anything good in life. As time went on and I cleaned out all the junk that has been hold me back I was able to see myself the way God seen me. My eyes were opened to who I was and my ability to change not only my environment but convince others that they too can change. I don’t believe that anything is by accident!

Almost 10 years ago we moved to Southern Oregon, my husband was unable to find work where we lived in Colorado Springs. He applied for jobs everywhere we had family; after being unemployed for 9 months, our saving was gone and we needed a miracle. In the last hour when we were about to give up and move back home we received a call. That call to move us to Grants Pass, Oregon, where I would go through one of the toughest depressions of my life. It’s amazing how God will use anything to help you realize your full potential. He took an unjust situation, a inaccessible playground at a school to join two people together for the good of humanity.  I met a very influential man  in our community who believed so much in my cause that he walked from Grants Pass, OR to Ashland, OR with Parkinson disease to raise awareness for the need of accessible playground in our community. He would often tell me to never change who I was because who I was, was amazing! At the time it was so hard to receive because I was always told I was worthless. Brady thought that I had the ability to do things I never imagined and I often laughed at him. I get it now, he planted a seed of hope and my life was forever changed. If I could give that to someone else, my struggle, pain, and hopelessness were all worth it!

Today I can say this with confidence; I am a warrior, willing to give everything for what is right, I am someone who would rather die than quit. My mind is powerful and when God directs my path, good luck trying to stop me. I say that not to boast in my ability but God working through me. It took a while to get me here, but none of my life was in vain, I can boldly say that I would go through it all to experience the freedom I have today. If you are without hope today, give of yourself to others and you will be amazed at the blessing that will pour into your life.

Be blessed and feel free to drop a line or two and remember NOTHING is by accident!


The Brady Adams Memorial Bench

9 Sep

Message to those who know Brady Adams

Dear Friends and Community Members,

I’m starting a NEW committee to complete the Brady Adam’s Memorial Bench that will go downtown. The family asked me last year to help out. I started my Real Estate Business over 2 years ago, when I started making money, Isaac lost his Disability and Government Insurance. I took one step forward and it felt like a million backwards. Now that I am somewhat established I feel like I can 100% commit to making this happen for his family.

Brady Adams is the one who helped me realize that ANYTHING is possible if we all work together. He made me believe in myself and my ability to make change in a positive way. There was no protesting the injustice with him, it beleived in getting together with people who wanted the same things and working hard to see it happen. He once told me, “the thing I like most about you is that instead of complaining about something not being right, you did something about it.” Brady was a stranger that took a chance on a girl from the ghetto. When I was feeling discouraged he would invite me out and fill my tank back up. He told me, “I don’t care what else you do, don’t ever change who you are”. When my brother died, he was the father figure in my life to tell me it was all going to be ok.

Brady filled a lot of tanks throughout his lifetime! He took time away from his family to invest into others because he BELIEVED in them. Although people may think that this is not what he wanted, HIS FAMILY WANTS IT! His family served the community as well. When Brady was out working on projects, it was them that supported his ideas and allowed for him to fully serve. Meaning, he could go out and make change without resistance from home. The Blue Slide Project was his last project, he walked from Grants Pass to Ashland with Parkinson’s Disease in 5 days. I remember the concern on his wife Patty’s face. She knew it wasn’t safe for him and knew the risks but she sent him off because she knew how determined he was. Brady gave the Blue Slide project his ALL, never thinking twice. As a public servant, I can tell you it is hard work to leave your family to help others. If you would like to help with seeing this project completed please email or post a message. I will be going over the budget with the current organizers and make sure this project is completed. The video below is Brady’s efforts during his walk to Ashland.

Thank you Patty, Jenny and Ted for your serve to our community.


Weight Gain After Gallbladder Removal…

30 Apr

Warning, some of what you are about to read might be TMI so read at your own risk!! If I am struggling, I know someone else is and I need help.

About 2 1/2 months ago I had my Gallbladder removed, the doctor said it was one of the worst she had ever seen. Immediately I noticed a change in my body, some people report having diarrhea, where I was the opposite, I couldn’t go at all. I quickly noticed that weight was packing on. In maintenance I had settled between 170- 175, I really wanted to drop another 10 pounds but I wasn’t actively trying. After surgery, 5 pounds was added quickly, I thought it was because I couldn’t use the bathroom. After the first month I was at 10 pounds and now 2 1/2 months later I am 15 pounds heavier.

I went to the doctor because I thought I may be having some hormone issues, they checked me for Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease and blood work came back negative. I am doing everything right, I have less stress, even exercising more and the weight is still going up. This feeling is like no other, I mean I guess I could compare it to a plateau but even then the weight stays the same. I am struggling to stay positive about this, I have worked so hard to get the weight off and keep it off and now nothing I do is working. I know its not about the number on the scale, but when your clothes don’t fit that is too far. I think it would be different if I ate crappy food and constantly ate out, but I don’t. It’s really starting to bum me out!!!

I am not going to say that I have tried it all because I haven’t, as a wellness consultant I help people lose weight for a living. I know exactly from experience how to burn fat and what foods to eat and what time of the day. NONE OF THAT IS WORKING FOR ME!!! Since getting my gallbladder removed my body is having a hard time adjusting, the doctor said it could take up to a year.

I found information on the internet about a few things I can try…

Bile salts are also biologic detergents that enable the body to excrete cholesterol and potentially toxic compounds (eg, bilirubin, drug metabolites). The function of bile salts in the duodenum is to solubilize ingested fat and fat-soluble vitamins, facilitating their digestion and absorption.

I started taking a probiotic but I haven’t seen a change, I am to the point where I will try anything! Suggestions are welcome, please comment below, I know I am not in this alone and I think I am the most frustrated I have ever been.



It’s that time again…

7 Sep

Yup, you guess it, my birthday is tomorrow (and Abby), every day since finding my purpose, I have been grateful for the day that my life was spared. Five years ago tomorrow, hours after the birth of my youngest daughter, my husband was told that I was not expected to make it through the night.  I truly believe that I was brought back to change my world, not just for my family, friends and community but for generations. For the past 3 years, I have asked those closest to me to do random acts of kindness on my birthday instead of gifts.This year in addition to random act of kindness, I am asking that you donate to Crossing Bridges Therapeutic Riding Center in Merlin, Oregon. They are in desperate need of a covered arena to keep riding lessons going during the summer and rainy season. Crossing Bridges not only helps Isaac, but several other children in the area who have special needs. If you are on facebook, please share my blog and challenge your friends and family to do random acts of kindness on this special day. In reality, we should always look for ways to be the change in the world, but people like to do extra special things to honor others. Please hashtag the word #randomactsofkindness2015 so I can see all the cool things that are happening on my birthday.

If you are financially able to give to Crossing Bridges I have set up a Crowdrise, my goal is $2000 but it would be an amazing miracle to raise the remaining balance for the center. The director of the program, Jennifer was hoping to build before its starts raining. I have hope that my faithful followers will help make this dream a reality, my faith is great because I have seen the impossible made possible.

Homemade granola bars

13 Aug

Homemade granola bars
3 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup fresh ground peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup craisens
1/2 chopped almonds
1 scoop protein powder
Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl, set aside. In a medium sauce pan heat honey and peanut butter for about 1 minute, until smooth. Add peanut butter mixture to dry ingredients. Mix with wooded spoon or with clean hands. Spray a 9×8 pan with pam, pour oats mixture in pan. Use a small peice of wax paper and press down the oats until packed well. Cut into squares and put in freezer for about an hour ( I usually leave over night). #homemadegranolabars #granola #cleaneats #healthyrecipes #wellnessislived #wellness


Mona’s quick tips to surviving a holiday weekend…

4 Jul

Remember your goals this weekend! In my own experience and in my type of work, I see people forgetting their goals and totally blowing it because of a holiday. This leads to guilt, shame and can set set you back if you are not careful. If you don’t absolutely love something, don’t eat it! Alot of times we will load our plate with food because that is tradition or it is something  we have always done. Ask yourself this question, how has that worked for me in the past? When going to a BBQ, don’t worry about hurting people’s feelings by not eating their food, after all you have to live with yourself. Offer to bring greens, that way you know you can at least have a burger salad. If you are having a gathering at your house, send temping foods home with family and friends. Make sure you are getting in all veggies and use your fruit as a dessert (here is a recipe for fruit dip, perfect with strawberry’s and apples) fruit dip. Most important,  drink your water!!! Try and not let food run your life, you are in control.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!


the new well Fruit Dip


  • 6oz non-fat light greek yogurt
  • 2 T light cream cheese
  • 1 packet stevia
  • Vanilla extract to taste


  • Set cream cheese out to reach room temperature
  • Mix all ingredients till creamy.