I’m Back!!!!

24 Apr


So much has happened since I wrote last, I think I should list the past events since making lists is my favorite:)

1. Isaac is tumor and cancer free!!!! Isaac had surgery this past summer, doctors were able to successfully remove the tumor that has been haunting us for the past 4 years. YAY!!!!!

2.We moved (4 bedroom house, 1 level, yard, garage)

3.Isaac got his wish granted through the Make-A-Wish foundation, he wished to go to Wrestlemania 28 to meet John Cena. It was an amazing time:)

4. I started a playground project at the school Isaac will attend in the fall of 2012 (it is coming so soon).

5. Isaac plays for the Detroit Tigers (little league t-ball)

Tonight I am writing more to vent, but also hopefully raise awareness about raising a child with a disability. If you don’t know already, my son Isaac was paralyzed at 4 months old when a cancerous tumor pressed on his spinal cord causing injury. As he gets older I am realizing that our battle has only begun. Doors that don’t open automatically, limited wheelchair access into buildings, stairs, and playgrounds that won’t allow him to be a kid. I honestly wish the world can spend a day with my son and see exactly what I do. His passion for life, his love, and the things he fights for that are freely given to the rest of his peers.

After visiting the school he will attend this coming fall I realized the playground was not accessible to a child who uses a wheelchair. There are rocks that cover the surface of the playground that prevent Isaac from getting to the structure. After he has over come the obstacle of rocks, he now has to figure out how to climb the stairs to get to the slide. I meet with the school’s principal to ask what we could do to make a change. I joined the PTA and  started The Blue Slide Project with hopes to raise $150,000.00 for a “play for all” abilities playground at his school. “Play for all”, means Isaac will have access to the playground and will be able to enjoy the same things as every other kid who will start kindergarten next school year.

It is so frustrating because there is just no money in our small community to build a playground. Some days I want to scream at this injustice!!!! It hurts so much to see my son struggle, he wants so bad to walk, and run and do all the things everyone else does (regarding standing, these are things he has told me). He doesn’t understand WHY??

I can not change Isaac (and why would I?? hes amazing) or why he has to be in a wheelchair, I can not change our economy or make money appear that just isn’t there. I CAN pray, I CAN fight, I CAN raise awareness. I CAN AND WILL DO ANY AND EVERYTHING TO BUILD MY SON A PLAYGROUND!

For ways to help please contact me by email monapinon5@gmail.com or visit our facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/TheBlueSlideProject

I have never been this passionate about anything in my life, I truly believe God does not make mistakes. I was chosen to be a mom of 5, a wife to an amazing man and the builder of playgrounds. No child should ever be excluded from playtime, it is the foundation of childhood. I may feel beat up at times, but I promise you I will keep going…

Please Share our Facebook page and help me get the word out!!!



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