Let’s not pretend to have it all figured out…

1 Apr

I have been on the Blue Slide weight loss challenge for 5 weeks, I have learned a lot, I thought I had things figured out but I am going to be real with you, overcoming obesity has been very hard. Especially with three celebrations in one week (cake 2 days, Easter dinner the third), I made some mistakes, I celebrated, I walked and walked some more…

Living outside my comfort zone when it comes to food is very stressful, I don’t care to eat out (except for Casa Amiga), and I do not like going places where I know there will be temptations. I am not at the point where I can’t control everything I put in my mouth. I like to stay home where I know I have healthy choices and I am not tempted. But that is not real life, I talked about this a few weeks ago and it doesn’t get easier as time goes on. I let my guard down because I was doing so well, I thought I could eat unhealthy things, exercise and I would be OK. But I wasn’t ok, I woke up with a stomach ache because my body is not used to eating those things and then I did it again the next day. Why didn’t I learn my lesson? I realized that I will always have a problem with food.

I am terrified, thinking that one day I will reach my goal weight and still have the same problems. I don’t want to be 300 pounds, I don’t want to die because of my weight, I want to overcome this battle.  Let’s not pretend to have it all figured out, let’s be honest. This is a issue that many people face, I know I am not the only one out there who is struggling. I did something this weekend that triggered a habit that was formed when I was 8 years old (it could have been earlier but that was the age I remember) . After eating my Easter dinner, I went into the kitchen and started picking at the leftovers, and not just once. I can’t even tell you how many extra calories I consumed. I wasn’t upset with myself for having 3 cheat days, I was upset because I didn’t have the control to stop at what was on my plate.

My weight for the week is 268 for a loss of 2.4, for those keeping track I am 9 pounds away from 50 pounds lost. For those who are sponsoring me for the month of March I lost 20 pounds. Today is a brand new day, today I will start over, I will take one day at a time, I have a long way to go and I am sure I will make more mistakes but I am not giving up. I am so determined to beat this, thank you all for your encouragement and support!

MonaI made this last week to help me keep track


2 Responses to “Let’s not pretend to have it all figured out…”

  1. Marti Basura April 1, 2013 at 1:11 pm #

    Dear Mona-
    Believe me– I know how you feel– a few years ago, I lost about 35 pounds. It was a terrific struggle, but I was so happy to have accomplished the weight loss. Unfortunately, I could not eliminate all my “bad eating habits” and now 10 years later, I weigh almost as much as when I started-
    However- I am not writing this to “discourage” you– I just want you to know that I have “struggled” with a weight problem too and so I know how difficult it is. But, I know that you are a strong person and that you will succeed even if you have a few “set-backs”. We all are here for you-
    Marti Basura

    • Mona Pinon April 1, 2013 at 8:19 pm #

      Thank you so much Marti! I have a lot of stuff I have to face and its hard stuff. I am glad I have the support if great friends:)

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