Weight loss from 3/23-3/30

1 May

I am so sorry for not posting yesterday, I have been busy getting sponsors for my walk also in the middle of everything we are leaving for California today. The stress of Blue Slide and being away from home is overwhelming. I am terrified of going off my plan while I am gone, sometime I appear to be to hard on myself but this is life or death to me. One bad day has the potential to lead me back to over 300 pounds. Last week wasn’t that good for me, managing the stress and trying to let things go has been hard. I ate things that were not on plan and at the time I didn’t care. Yesterday I had to face my consequences, I didn’t gain weight but after reflecting on my week I was really disappointed in myself. Letting stress and worry control your eating habits will lead you down a road that should not be traveled. Having a food addiction is not fun! This emotional roller coaster is awful. Having to face certain things in my life that I have been stuffing for years has made me realize that I am really messed up. Please tell me I am not the only one feeling this way!

My weight loss for last week was 1.6 pounds, its really not about the number for me my focus is on being healthy. Trying to find a positive, I am finally out of the 50’s yesterdays weight was 249.8 that is a total of 18.2 pounds for the month of April! Please pray that I stay on plan while I am gone, I have a health coach who said I can call or text anytime and I am bringing my own food. Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot to me:)



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