8 May


I missed my weigh in yesterday and not on purpose we were on vacation and got into town around 5AM. I did really well the first 2 1/2 days, Saturday night through Monday was awful!!! I am definitely paying for it now, my stomach is killing me:( On my scale at home it says I weigh 254, I am really swollen so I am sure this is mostly water weight. I am ready to get back on my weight loss journey. Being away from home was hard, temptations were everywhere. There were somethings that I could say no to and others it felt like I was out of control. I was so stressed out about leaving home, I had a plan but sticking to it seemed impossible. Having a food addiction is hard, one day you may feel strong and overcome and the next day you feel weak and controlled by your circumstances. I wish I had a camera documenting how out of control I was, it was like I didn’t have a conscience. I just don’t understand why I want to eat things that makes me feel awful? 

On the plus side I still continued to train for the Big walk, on Sunday I walked 15 miles whoop whoop! I think that is why I felt I could eat what I wanted, but it really doesn’t matter how many calories you burn, if you are putting poisons foods in your body. This Sunday I will walk 20 miles to prepare for our 33 mile walk to raise money for the Blue Slide Project.

Today is a new day, today I will choose to put healthy things in my body, today I will choose life!


For more information on the Blue Slide Project visit


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