Am I changing as a person?

26 Jun

As I continue on my journey I am learning to take each day as it comes. I feel like this weight loss has boosted my self-esteem and has made me a more confident person. This week has been challenging, I’ve had several stressful situations arise and my first thought has been to run to food. Thanks to God for being my helper, I am fully aware that I could not do this without HIM. I can’t control the things that happen around me, I can only control how I react. If I eat every time I am upset I will eat my way back to 300 pounds. I am not willing to let the things of this world hold me in bondage, I am breaking these chains of addiction and I am moving on to a better me.

Am I changing as a person? Physically yes, but my heart is the same. I have been known to care so much that I push people away. My passion runs deep, what ever it is I am doing I do with my whole heart. I have also been known to care too much what people think about me or want so badly to make everyone happy for fear of losing them. Since I can’t make everyone happy I will just be me. Take me as I am, because I done being what people want me to be.

This journey is so emotional, but failure or giving up is not an option for me! It is coming off slow, and I know I will not be down to 150 pounds by my sister’s wedding. I am really trying not to let that discourage me, I have to remember how far I have come not how far I have to go. I am sorry for being so random, I just have a lot on my mind…

This weeks weight was 232.6 with a 1.8 pound loss



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