Encouragement for the day…

4 Nov

I remember when I first started my journey one of my brothers had made a comment towards me that kinda upset me, I can’t remember word for word but it sounded something like this, “you got to do more if you want better results”. After I had just lost 20 pounds and felt confident, he had the nerve to say this to me. I was so upset and started crying and told him how far I had come cutting portion sizes and walking. I mean it was more then what I was doing before, why was he being so harsh towards me? He was asking more of me and I didn’t believe I could do it, but he did. No matter how much I tried to convenience him that I was right, he didn’t back down! My brother was looking at my journey from the outside, with 150 pounds to loose he saw how far I had to go and was only telling me the truth. He had already lost maybe 50 pounds at the time and he was not only speaking as a loving brother but as someone who had already walked down my road. After I got past the anger, I decided that day I was going to push myself harder than the day before. Comfortable feels good, but today I challenge you to push harder, go farther, dream bigger than you have ever before! Today you have the choice to give it all you have or stay in the idle position you have always been. What is your choice?


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