The Scale…

21 Nov

On Monday I took a picture of myself in a sweater that I had worn last winter, I was in shock because I could probably fit two of me in it, I was so proud of myself! The next day I went to my weigh in and I had gained 2 oz, I left the office a little discouraged because I knew how hard I had worked the week before. So why such a drastic change in emotion? Same person, same journey, why was it that one day I was on cloud 9 and I was admiring my journey, and the next day I was upset with myself? I realized how much I depend on the scale to tell me how I am doing. This far in the game, I am going to have to focus on how far I have come and show myself some grace. I mean really, last November I was over 300 pounds. The blogs I write are mostly me talking to myself, my hope is through my struggles and victories someone, if only one person would overcome their food addiction with me.

So where do we go from here? I am learning as I go, I am not a professional I can only share with you my plans and thoughts. I knew I should expect my weight loss to slow down but it doesn’t mean it makes it easier for me to accept. I will continue to work hard because really it’s not about the number at this point, it’s about how I feel. I know that last November I was not active, and I could only wish to be able to do the thing I can do now. For the past three weeks I have been focusing on strength training and doing more cardio. I also recently joined a flag football league, I know, crazy right? The scale hasn’t moved much but like I said before, I am going to try and not worry about the number and stay focused on my health. I am going to keep that picture to remind me of my entire journey and not just what happened last week.

Any small change you make today will make a big difference tomorrow, I started at cutting portions and walking only 15 minutes a day. Those small changes saved my life, my encouragement for you would be to celebrate in your small victories. Don’t think about how far you have to go but focus on how far you have come. I am sure I have said this before, but there were so many times I wanted to quit because my goal seemed so impossible. Love yourself enough to take that step, I promise it’s the hardest but most rewarding thing you will ever do. Be proud of yourself, as long as you have worked your hardest it really doesn’t matter what the scale is telling you.

I would love to hear your stories, please share!


I wore this sweater last winter.

I wore this sweater last winter.


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