Step away from the PB&J…

4 Dec

Today I had a battle with myself over something I wanted but didn’t need. I know I am not the only one who has stuggled with eating the leftovers of a child. If you have been a mom long enough, sometimes its the only meal you get during the day. Before I would sit there an hope they wouldn’t finish thier food so I could eat it, so sad to admit but very true. Since the start of my journey I have all my kids empty thier plates as soon as they are done and I asked my 15 year old daughter to put leftovers away after we eat. I knew I was not strong enough to resist the temptation of picking at thier leftovers.

Today, I ate my chicken salad at lunch drank my water and watched as my two little ones ate thier pb&j’s. The whole time battling as to whether or not I was going to finish what they didn’t eat. I knew what I needed to do, but part of me wanted to give in. Because I have a goal set for a weigh loss challenge I am pushing myself extra hard because I know these last pounds are going to be difficult to lose. I took a small bite and knew right away it wasn’t what I wanted. I grabbed thier plates and threw away their leftovers.

I now had a choice, do I beat myself up or make it a learning lesson? You see, the past week I have been helping my daughter after dinner. I am very tempted to pick at the food but I know I need to learn how to control myself. I thought about the positive things I have done to achieve my goals and I used that to help me not be disappointed for making a small mistake. I refuse to beat myself up anymore and I encourage you to join me.

The next time you are stuck in a huge temptation, tell yourself to “step away from the PB&J” or whatever it is and move on. If you find yourself caving in, don’t beat yourself up! Think about your victories and be proud of all you have done to change your lifestyle. Remember I am cheering for your success, whatever changes big or small will help you get there.



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