Monday Never Comes…

12 Dec

When I hear someone say they will start their diet on “Monday”, next week or at the beginning of the year, I shake my head at them. I remember so many times having really good intentions of starting my diet on Monday, but there was always something that came up that prevented me from following through. Sometimes we get the wrong idea about losing weight, we focus too much on being “skinny” and not enough on health and changing our lifestyle. I am super guilty of this and often have to check myself. You and I both have to ask this question, is it a number I am after or achieving my goal of health and wellness? We can all chase after a number but it is almost guaranteed that you will never stop chasing it if your mind has not changed about the way you look at food. For example, I might work really hard to reach 150 pounds but if after I reach my goal I fall into my old habits I will eventually be back to where I started. Your mind first has to change and then the rest will follow.

Another mistake I remember making was thinking I had to go all in at first and make no mistakes. I felt like I had to have it all together first and then I would be successful, but it was the opposite. Looking back on my journey, it started by making small changes, it was full of mistakes that taught me what worked and what didn’t. What do you have to lose by starting today? Remember, tomorrow is not promised and trust me when I say, Monday NEVER comes. I will not claim to have it all together, I still make mistakes but I am determined to achieve my goal. The small changes you make today will form habits that will make a big difference tomorrow. Be confident in who you are, make mistakes and learn.

I believe in you!



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