The Flag…

24 Dec

I think we were down by one touchdown, I started running towards my target with only one goal in mind, pull that flag! In that moment it was like everything went in slow motion, I could see the girls expression, the flag, I hear a pop, I fall to the ground, then pain. In football you have a split second to make a decision, your choices affect the whole team. In football I am different, I am strong, I have the control over my emotions, I am fearless. I have the choice to be scared or go all in and protect my team. Totally different from real life, real life I have a hard time making choices for fear of messing up. Real life I feel weak, real life I still struggle with who I am, real life I am scared, real life I have a food addiction, real life I will always have a food addiction. So for 1 hour on a Saturday I am who I want to be in real life.

Although I did get hurt trying to pull a flag, I think had I not lost 128 pounds I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to feel empowered. This past Saturday, before the start of my second game I passed a little girl on my way to the car. She looked at me with these big eyes, I don’t know what she was thinking but I had this feeling like I was some sort of hero, and maybe she wanted to be like me when she grew up. I am so thankful for my husband who kept his feelings about me playing hidden so I wouldn’t give up on something that I wanted to do. I am also thankful for the Rogue Valley Flag Football League for empowering women through football. For volunteering your time every Saturday so men and women in our community have something positive to look forward to after a stressful week at work or home with the kids. This Christmas I want to encourage you to volunteer in your community, you never know who’s life you are impacting by giving your time to others. Please know that your children are watching and you have to believe that they will grow up to be givers as well.

Doing the impossible sometimes hurts.

Doing the impossible sometimes hurts.


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