27 Dec

For the second week in a row I weighed in at 181.4, not bad considering my foot injury and all the Christmas temptations in the house. My hope was to finally break through the 80’s, it seems like I have been here forever! I know that I can only expect what I give and this past week I did lose focus. I knew the food choices I was making were wrong but the emotional eater in me ignored my conscious. I am learning not to beat myself up so bad after I have strayed from my path. I think it is because of the support I get from the Women’s Health Center (WHC) and my online weight-loss group. Accountability has been the most important part of my success in losing almost 130 pounds. Every week I have a visual reminder of the choices I made, good or bad. The ladies at the Women’s Health Center are always excited to see me and cheer me on regardless of the number on the scale. FNP Melanie Turner offers me great advise and I always leave feeling motivated to tackle the next week. I also have a second weigh in on Saturday for the winter weight loss challenge in my online support group.

If you do not have a person you are accountable to every week, I encourage you to find someone to help you reach your goal. Sometimes the big pictures does seem impossible, especially when you are doing it alone. These last 30 pounds are tough, I am not sure I would have said no as much as I did had I not had that extra support. I feel very blessed to have people who care about my weight loss success, and encourage me to never give up. I am reminded often of how far I have come, and to not focus on how much I still have to go. I wish my brother were here to see the changes I have made, he was always my biggest cheerleader in life and I know he would have been so proud. I have said this a million times, the first step is the hardest but most rewarding. Giving up would have been so easy, but I would have learned nothing about myself and what it is to experience life. I feel like my thoughts are everywhere in this post, but my overall point is to find support.

Thank you so much to everyone who encourages me, please know that I could not have done this without you!!


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Before and After December 2012 (right) December 2013 (left)

Before and After
December 2012 (right)
December 2013 (left)


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