The Weekend

10 Jan


As I sit here waiting to pick up my son from practices I was thinking I would use this extra time to talk about the weekend. I remember being terrified of Saturday and Sunday when I first started my journey. I knew I would most likely be away from home and that meant food temptations. Grocery shopping was even hard for me, I would go in and out but always left with some sort of anxiety. I never thought I would get over that fear and to be honest it took time. I learned to not let my addiction to food control me. Of course there have been weekend where I totally blew it, but starting over with the next meal always helped. I told myself, no matter how bad you eat do not let it be the meal that kills you. I took it that serious because I seen a food addiction take someone I love.

So this weekend as you think about the places you will go and people you will see, try not to let food get in the way of your happiness. Remember there is a do over button on this journey and tell yourself giving up is not an option. Be strong in the face of temptation, 10 times out of 10 it’s not worth it.



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