Compulsion or Planned…

22 Feb

In the beginning of my journey weekends seemed to be the hardest. It’s the usual time for parties, BBQ’s and get togethers. Although I can’t say that I have mastered the weekend I used these tools to help me. So as we face yet another weekend ask yourself these two questions,  is this a compulsion? Compulsion- an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, esp. against one’s conscious wishes. Or is this a planned meal? Planned- .
decide on and arrange in advance.

Compulsions usually lead to guilt, it kind of makes you feel like you have failed in some way. For me, if I planned a day that I knew I was going to eat extra calories, in my mind I have accepted the consequences. Let’s be real, you can not go off plan all weekend and expect a huge loss the next week. Accept the choices you made and move on.

That compulsion part of you is beatable,  just say no! If its with a unhealthy snack I say “you dont need it” out loud it is more powerful and I listen to myself. Drink water and walk away,  gum also helps.

Don’t let food run your weekend,  be in control of your eating. After all that is really the only thing we have control of in life.

Be encouraged,



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