10 pound challenge

20 Mar


I have been really reflecting on this past year and I can’t help but be proud of myself. I knew when I did the Blue Slide 35 mile walk I was going to conquer giants. I remember my friend Marti stopping to walk with me briefly my last ten miles. I cried in her arms and thanked her for always being there for me and for her support. Of course I was delirious, I am assuming  from exhaustion. At that point we had been walking almost 14 or 15 hours. I  told her how my life flashed before my eyes and with each step I was conquering giants. Leaving behind my pain, disappointments, failures the things that were holding me back. You have to remember although you have let something go, you can still pick it back up and it can still keep you in bondage if you let it. I have literally conquered giants during my journey and I have no desire to look back or pick anything back up that I am not supposed to hold ( things listed above).

With that being said I have 7 pounds to my goal! 3 pounds ago I thought about doing a 10 pound challenge inspired by a friend but was too busy to post it. So here it is, I am asking you to be the Marti in my weight loss and finish this last 10 with me ( really 7, but 10 is a way better number because it’s even). Get your friends, families,  coworkers anyone involved. This has been a journey to save my life and finishing it with my my friends,family, people who have followed me from day one and even those new to my blog would be the best way to go out. You can post that you are joining and your progress on this blog entry or on facebook.com/savingmona. You set the end date, you chose your plan, you commit yourself to making the choice to save your life. I really do get so excited when someone makes a change for health. Obesity is taking too many people and we have the power to stop it! Be courageous and conquer your own giants,  that first step is the hardest but definitely worth it:)



One Response to “10 pound challenge”

  1. kathy clinton March 24, 2014 at 8:23 pm #

    Hi Mona. I Met You At The Gym On Friday. I have14 Lbs To Go. This Last month Has Been Rough, I Was Stuck. But I Seem To Have Broken That Plateau. I Would Like To Get These14 Lbs Off By My Birthday May 6.
    If You Recall, My Grandmother Had Challenged Me To Get To That Goal Weight About20 Years Ago. I Never Met That Challenge And She Has Long Since Passed Away. Sounds Like A Great Goal.

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