Fresh Start…

27 Mar

I was recently asked to be a team captain of the Biggest Winner competition through the New Well program here in Grants Pass. I would say, the New Well is compared to Weight Watchers because of the support and many different services they offer. I am not being paid by the New Well to say any of this, this is my honest experience good and bad. I was excited when I was asked to be a team captain because I want to encourage and help those who are battling food addiction and what a great way to do it. The Biggest Winner is compared to the Biggest Loser but on a much smaller level and only locals and those already participating in the New Well Program can join. I will get to meet with the people I am helping weekly, workout with them and challenge them. So in order to know the program I have to go through it right? YES!

Tuesday the 25th of March was my first day on the New Well Fresh Start Program, to be completely honest I was intimidated and had a bit of anxiety. When I was doing things on my own, I never limited myself any foods healthy or unhealthy, but it was my understanding that to get to where I wanted to be there were things that I just didn’t eat. I wanted to reach my goal and so I would pick the best things for myself and it helped me knowing that I did have a choice. Reading the list of foods I could eat, even though it was in unlimited amounts made me freak out inside. What do you mean I can’t eat my oatmeal and have cream in my coffee? This was comfortable to me, this is what have done for several months and leaving my comfort zone threw me back to the very beginning of my journey. You have to remember, I have been doing this on my own for the past 14 months. No one wrote down a meal plan for me and said follow this, eat this, don’t eat this. It was trial and error, I wrote down my foods, if I had a bad week, I avoided those foods or only ate them occasionally. I was in control, it has always felt good knowing this was the only thing in my life had control over. I didn’t like that part being told what I could and couldn’t eat, but I wanted to follow the plan as written (sometimes I am a bit of an over achiever), because at this point in my journey I am very disciplined. I have 7 pounds to lose and I am not hurting myself or anyone else by trying something new. And OH MY GOSH MONA, IT’S ONLY THREE DAYS (three days without my oatmeal and cream seems like a lifetime;)!!!!!

Today I am on day three and I feel pretty good minus the detox headache, I never realized how much sugar is in a slimfast bar and how much sodium I was consuming. When I think of sugar I think sweets, but its a lot of things that are processed. I have been following the program as written, except yesterday I had to eat a Quest Bar because of my intense workout. There are things that are really similar to what I have already been doing, and I don’t feel like I am missing out. The only bad thing I have to say at this point is the first three days, you really have to be at home or work where there is a refrigerator. Because I can’t eat my bars, grains or nuts I had a hard time with finding a snack to take on the go. I talked to one of the consultants and she suggested hard boiled eggs, I will try that today because I will be out and about. This has been so good for me, I think it is good to change things up and try new things. I will treat this program like I did in the beginning of my journey, even though my mind wants certain foods, I have to trust that if I abstain that I will get to where I want to be in a healthy and safe way.

Weight loss is such a mind game, the physical list of things I could eat made me second guess myself, made me think I wasn’t strong enough. Even though I had come so far it was something new and it had structure and it scared the crap out of me. That list caused me anxiety but at the end of the day I had the choice to say, no matter what I am going to do it. Everyday we have a choice, whether you are just starting out, you are at your goal/almost there or this is your 100th attempt. Your choice is to keep fighting to save your life, or stay stuck in the endless cycle of trying and giving up. Addiction is a beast, like I said before in a previous blog I have seen it control and take several people I love. I don’t want to be in bondage ever to my addiction, I want to be around to see my children grow up. I want to continue to make memories with my family, love on my friends and change my world. That is what pushes me to succeed, find whatever your drive is and don’t look back!!

Be encouraged, try something new, change your life, change your world:)



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