My Ice Challenge…

9 Jul
The Blue Slide Project is in need of volunteers to build Grants Pass and Josephine County’s only all-inclusive playground. Meaning every child whether able or disabled can play on the same playground without any boundaries. My last challenge was a huge success, I lost 162 pounds and got several friends, family and strangers join me in my quest to be healthy. I figured since the last challenge was a big hit, I was try one last attempt and cry for help!
Here is my challenge, if I can get a crew set up for each weekend (so this means I hire 2 but no more than 4 and the rest volunteer) I will do a” Ice Challenge”. It will be different from all the videos posted on youtube because each person who volunteers will get to pour a bucket of ice water on me, not just one person. Today is Wednesday July 9, 2014 and I need a commitment for this weekend by Friday morning July, 11, 2014.. If you are a local business and want to hire a crew member ($123.92 per day per person) for the project that will count and your business will have public recognition.  Who is up for this challenge? 
I will be needing help starting
July 12-13 (install tiles) 
July 19-20 (install tiles) 
July 26-27 (install tiles) 
August 2-3 finishing touches

Our contractor said we can do split shifts now, so please email me with days and times you can work. 6 volunteers who can lift heavy tiles and equipment are needed, Water, snacks and lunch provided. We are towards the end of the project and can not afford to hire a full staff.

If you are interested in knowing more about the project visit or email me
As much as I don’t want to have freezing water poured on me, I hope it happens for the sake of the project.

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