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the new well detox day 8 & 9

18 Nov

I am towards the end of my detox, really today is the last day to take supplements and tomorrow I will be add more variety of foods back into my diet. This is the first detox I have ever done, I have always been afraid because its usually a liquid diet, ain’t nobody got time for that (lol). The way it works is, you have a set food plan for each day, you gradually take away foods on the list, then add them back in towards the end of the week. You drink a shake that gets rid of the metals and environmental toxins and a supplement that adds nutrients back in your body. You are never hungry because you can have unlimited servings of the items set food plan.

For the first in my life I made Salmon and actually enjoyed it, I even convinced my 4 year old that it was chicken and she loved it. I wish I was able to get her  to drink the green smoothie (kale, spinach, apple, pear, ice and water, blended) I made because it was so yummy and good for you, the boys enjoyed it and I plan on making it often. I have not really been on a workout routine since I started working in June. I have the energy and I am making workout a priority! Being a wellness consultant I have to set a good example, not only for my family, but for my clients and friends. This detox has definitely put me in a better spot mentally. After all, anything you ever do in life has nothing to do with your physically ability but how mentally strong you are.

So my question is, what are you waiting for? Not just with this detox, what is holding you back from reaching your weight loss goal? Why wait for tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes, Monday never comes, next week or next month NEVER COME!!!! You just got to wake up an make the choice for today:)

FYI I am on day 9  I am feeling great, after I log off here I am headed to the gym and am planning for a busy day. Please comment below if you have any questions about the detox or need help starting your journey:)




The new well detox, day 5 and 6…

15 Nov

If you do not follow my Saving Mona facebook page I am letting fans know how each day of the detox is going. Yesterday I was so busy with work, and life that is slipped my mind to post. Today I’m on day 6, I am almost done with the detox and I have to say that I truly feel amazing! I have increased energy,  I am sleeping really good, so good I have been up before my alarm, I no longer feel bloated and I do not feel tempted to eat the items I cut out (sugar, caffeine,  bread, dairy, salt, rice). The only side effect I am feeling are the mucle aches and a slight headache (headache could be from concussion), this is because the detox is doing its job. This metabolic reboot is exactly what I hoped for, and I am thankful I made the choice.

For all those who know me, I don’t like wasting money and I am more successful if I am given a challenge. Since I didn’t want to waste the money I paid for this detox system,  I make sure I am following all the rules. I even went to the movies yesterday and wasn’t tempted by the popcorn. So, today I am on day six and it’s the weekend. Weekends are usually tough to get through, but I am super positive I will make it all the way. One of the perks of the detox is weight loss, in 6 days I have gotten rid of 8 pounds of junk!

If you are interested in joining me, message below. If you live put of town, don’t worry, the new well can ship!!!



the new well detox

11 Nov

After prepping for the new well detox on Sunday, I realized that this was just what I needed to get my mind focused. I have been enjoying treats more than I should have and really have been lazy when it comes to moderation. I have recently told myself that I refuse to spend the rest of my life in weight loss. Since reaching my goal, I have been enjoying new foods and I realized that even though a burger sounds good, its not what my body wants. I really don’t care for sweets, unless it’s ice cream and my crack food of choice is chips and if there is hummus in the house, for get it! So I would have this gain on the weekend because I am either eating a bigger serving than I should or eating things not so great for me. Like I said before, maintenance is difficult but I am determined to find a balance, because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in weight loss and I never want to be over 300 pounds.

Day one of the detox was good, only a slight headache not sure if its from caffeine withdrawals or from a concussion (I tripped over Isaac’s wheelchair and hit my head pretty hard), also you can have unlimited of certain food so I didn’t feel hungry. Today is November the 11th and I am on day two, I have added the metabolic reboot shake to my diet and supplements. So far so good, I will give you my honest opinion about this detox. I hate it when people recommend things they have not even tried, since I work at the new well, it was hard for me to recommend that my clients try this detox because I had not tried it. I will put a link below with some more information and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to post in the comment section.