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It’s that time again…

7 Sep

Yup, you guess it, my birthday is tomorrow (and Abby), every day since finding my purpose, I have been grateful for the day that my life was spared. Five years ago tomorrow, hours after the birth of my youngest daughter, my husband was told that I was not expected to make it through the night.  I truly believe that I was brought back to change my world, not just for my family, friends and community but for generations. For the past 3 years, I have asked those closest to me to do random acts of kindness on my birthday instead of gifts.This year in addition to random act of kindness, I am asking that you donate to Crossing Bridges Therapeutic Riding Center in Merlin, Oregon. They are in desperate need of a covered arena to keep riding lessons going during the summer and rainy season. Crossing Bridges not only helps Isaac, but several other children in the area who have special needs. If you are on facebook, please share my blog and challenge your friends and family to do random acts of kindness on this special day. In reality, we should always look for ways to be the change in the world, but people like to do extra special things to honor others. Please hashtag the word #randomactsofkindness2015 so I can see all the cool things that are happening on my birthday.

If you are financially able to give to Crossing Bridges I have set up a Crowdrise, my goal is $2000 but it would be an amazing miracle to raise the remaining balance for the center. The director of the program, Jennifer was hoping to build before its starts raining. I have hope that my faithful followers will help make this dream a reality, my faith is great because I have seen the impossible made possible.


Big day for Isaac…

22 Dec

I am so darn proud of my son, I have never seen a child so determined in my life! Today we had a few appointments in Portland and met with Urology as well as the Orthopedic surgeons (looking at Isaac’s spine and hips). There was no change in his spine, the Doc said eventually he will need surgery when he is done growing (I say we will cross that bridge when we get there). They did notice his hips are almost out of socket but there is really nothing they can do for him right now. Boy, I am so glad he doesn’t have feeling in his lower extremities, ouch!  On a positive note, it is so nice to know that the work I do with him at home and the things the staff does at school makes a difference. To leave these appointments today not shedding a tear felt amazing. I may not be 100% all the time, but I give my son the best, he deserves to have every chance at a better quality of life. I feel so blessed that I was chosen to be Isaac’s mom:)

While meeting with the Urology nurse, Isaac had lots of questions and concerns about cathing in his chair, after troubleshooting we figured out he didn’t want to get his chair dirty. We put some towels under him and reassured him that all would be fine. The nurse left to get supplies and while she was gone I read Isaac a book titled, “Ethan can cath”.  Isaac was so brave, he learned really quick and was able to get a good stream 2 times. The steps we are taking this week towards his independence are hard, but very necessary. I can’t imagine being his age and having the worries that he does, yet he does it with a smile.

Surgery is tomorrow and as he was getting ready for bed, he began to weep, he is worried we will not make it home for Christmas. So if you think about it, pleases say a prayer for Isaac, and all the other kiddos who are spending their Christmas break in the hospital. I am trying to remain positive, but of course I am human and have a mini panic attack every now and then. I have to quickly remind myself that he is in God’s hand and everything is out of my control, so I wait and pray:)




10 Oct

Isaac at the Art Along the Rogue

This past weekend  I took my little ones (ok, some are not so little anymore) downtown to the Art Along the Rogue, its a free community event showcasing Art in the street using chalk, there was also live music. The City closes the street and thousands of people gather to see the hard work of some 50 Artist. If you are feeling creative you can even purchase a square and paint your own ideas for $5 bucks. It was nice to get out of the house on a Sunday, we usually go to church, watch football and some of us get a nap. Driving by to find a parking spot, it looked very crowded but fun.

As we entered the street I immediately noticed a wooden wedge (a ramp)  against the curb, why was this the first thing that caught my eye? When you have a child with a physical disability, accessibility is what usually prevents us from going to community events, school functions and even a family member or friends house. I really have to ask myself sometimes, “is the hassle worth it?” Seeing the wooden wedges against the curb showed me that the City thought about those who use wheelchairs or walkers. I really appreciated the accessibility, it was not just one ramp there were several. The live music was in the center of the street, we didn’t have to cut through grass or walk out of the way to find a ramp.

In my eyes we have a long ways to go, but I have to always think about how far we have come. To be completely honest,  if Isaac was an able-body I don’t think I would have ever thought about accessibility. I didn’t have any family members or friends in wheelchairs and I don’t remember ever seeing anyone in my school who was a wheelchair user.  Now it seems to consume me, not to always complain about our issues, but to work together with organizations and community members to see change. It is so easy to sit back and wish things were different, but nothing would ever get done. If we do things like they have always been done, what do we learn?

My son who thought the shark painting was the coolest thing ever, was ABLE to attend a community event like everyone else.  You might have just seen a wedge against the curb, but I seen progress and a boy independent. One day Isaac will grow up and move out of my house, I will not be there to help him down a curb 24 hours a day. I have to know that our world cares enough about the future of our country, not just the able-body children but children with ALL abilities.

I think this was a victory!